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Rotary Valves

When capacity and performance are the requirements rotary valves are the answer.  Popular rotary products include butterfly, eccentric plug, full bore pipeline, high performance butterfly and segmented ball. 
  • Fisher V500Eccentric Plug Valves
    The eccentric plug rotary control valve features an eccentrically mounted plug or ball, which combines rotary valve efficiency with globe valve ruggedness.
  • Fisher V260Full Bore Pipeline Ball Valves
    Full bore pipeline ball valves provide a solution for throttling and service applications in gas transmission lines, gas distribution, or liquid pipelines.
  • Fisher CONTROL-DISKHigh-Performance Butterfly Valves
    Fisher High-Performance Butterfly Valves feature an eccentrically mounted disc and are known for their wide application range and shutoff capability.
  • Fisher® V150Segmented Ball Valves
    Vee-ball segmented ball valves feature a patented V-notch ball. The V-notch ball produces an equal-percentage flow characteristic for a broad control range.